Our Mission

Xtronaut Space Station connects students to science on the Intenational Space Station – giving them the chance to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with astronauts performing experiments on the ISS through a low-cost program for home and school enjoyment.

We bring together leaders in space science. Laboratory on the ISS with innovators in space-related STEM education to deliver this cutting-edge learning opportunities – including DreamUp, NanoRacks, and Xtronaut Enterprises.

Xtronaut Space Station has arranged for NASA astronauts to operate experiments on the ISS while students undertake near-identical experiments in their homes or schools. Students can compare the results on Earth to the results on the ISS – participating directly in science on the ISS for a very affordable cost. The student kits will become available though our kickstarter launching October 2017!

Not just observers. Not just for schools with big budgets. Affordable Space research for all students, teachers and parents.

Students will undertake the Earth-based experiments utilizing a web portal that connects them to the near-identical experiments taking place on the ISS (in real-time, and also later on video, allowing students to track the experiments on a schedule that works for them). We will arrange interactive opportunities with astronauts involved in the experiments.

These Xtronaut Space Station experiments provide student explorers with a direct connection to the space program, specifically the microgravity environment of the ISS where astronauts live and work.. Our hope is that this connection will inspire students to enroll in STEM subjects and pursue STEM-related careers in the future.

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Our first two experiments: Rock Candy in Space, and Small Life on the Space Station.

Rock Candy in Space

Small Life on the Space Station

The Team that brought you Xtronaut: The game of solar Explroation, an award-winning stem-based board game, and DreamUp/NanoRacks, leaders in ISS operations and space-based stem programs.


Xtronaut Enterprises